NEW 2020 Cybex Gazelle Double Stroller is Here!

 The stroller for a whole generation, the new Cybex Gazelle S Convertible  adapts to meet your family’s ever-changing needs. Beginning as a mono stroller, the Gazelle S can support up to 24 different configurations! The Gazelle can hold a lot of combinations of seats, bassinets and car seats so you will be able to find the perfect way to carry your family as they grow.

The Gazelle S is a superb mono stroller, including a detachable Shopper basket with an impressive 30 lb carrying capacity.                                         

Adapting to the changing needs of your family, the stroller can upgrade to a double stroller when a second child arrives, supporting an additional seat with the same high degree of comfort and robustness. In fact, the Gazelle S can support up to 24 different combinations of seat units, Gazelle S Cots, infant car seats, or Shoppers – growing with your family every step of the way. A full lie-flat position is possible in most configurations.

 The Cybex Gazelle has every feature you can ask for in a stroller, from top to bottom. The huge canopy provides amazing coverage and is very breathable as well. The handlebar adjusts easily with just one hand to accommodate parents of all heights. The push on the Gazelle is incredible! The front-wheel suspension and shock absorption system means a smooth ride for your little one.

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller

The actual seat on the Gazelle is super comfortable and reverses so your child can face either direction. The seat lies almost flat as well – great for those on-the-go naps.

The included extra-big shopper gives you even more storage space when you’re out shopping with your little one. The Gazelle will accommodate a ride-along board as well as a bonus accessory.

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