New Uppa Baby 2017 Vista! - Full Spec Review

New Uppa Baby 2017 Vista! - Full Spec Review

The Uppababy Strollers for 2017 is going to make quite a hit this year and it’s going to be a favorite nationwide.
The Cruz has gotten quite an upgrade for 2017 and we’re super excited to share all the details with you!
What’s new for the 2017 Uppa Baby Stroller?

Uppa Baby Strollers

  1. 4 new colors have been added to the Uppa Baby 2017 lineup: Austin Hunter Green, Gregory Blue Marl, Dennison Burgundy, and Loic White.
  2. New genuine leather handlebar/bumper bar covers on Austin, Hunter and Loic. Full grain cow hide.  The new covers are REACH certified and that means that no chemicals used in tanning process and they will get darker and softer over time.  The covers are hand stitched onto stroller. Already own a Cruz 2015/2016 but love the leather look? You can purchase the leather covers separately to add some pizzaz to your stroller:)
  3.  The all-new sunshade material is made from a new woven fabric that won’t wrinkle as much. Still the same SPF 50 protection.
  4. Sunshade now locks when you slide it up and down to keep it in place better
  5. The Cruz 2017 is now a bit lighter! More details on that as soon as we know more…
  6. The redesigned  wheels are now solid polyurethane rather than AirGo rubber. That makes them lighter weight and longer-lasting.
  7. The folding clasp that holds the stroller together is upgraded and replaceable.

The new Vista's and Cruz Strollers for 2017 is truly beautiful and we can’t wait for it to be released already!

The price will range from $499-549, depending on the color!

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