By Melissa Chapman 
Editor in Chief of The Staten Island Family 
I just turned 44 in August- which means- at least for me- my baby making days are over! Yes, it is bittersweet--I think the longing for a sweet-smelling, fuzzy headed warm baby bundled in miniature sweat suits or frilly party dresses- is probably going to be with me for years to come...In honor of my love of all things baby- and support of all women courageous enough to sport that bump- - every once in a while I'll be blogging about companies who offer products for new moms and moms to be that I think are worth the investment. And if you've had a baby or are currently in the new mommyhood trenches here are just a few statements you can always count on a new mother uttering is:
"I feel so out of shape."
"I want to lose this baby weight."
"I have no energy or time to get to the gym let alone brush my teeth or change out of yoga pants."
So mamas what can YOU do to get your MOJO back? Invest in the new faboosh a compact, versatile stroller to make family outings easy.
Think all-terrain.
Think everyday adventure for parent and child.
Now, think best strollers to help you GET out with your baby and kids in tow!
  • Got a big family and want to multi-task- Uppa Baby Vista Can transport up to three kids! So you can stay active and keep the brood together! 
  • Pack up the kids and go on an adventure! Silver Cross Wave Stroller is great for a growing family and traveling safely in style.
  • Looking to up the luxury factor? This one Nuna Strollers  are great for safe travel and provides oodles of room for storage. 
  • Need one that converts quickly and seamlessly? The DOONA converts to a carseat! This could be the All-In-One stroller to get you to your Zumbini or Mommy and Me Workout classes in two shakes of a lamb's tail! 

So Mamma's now that you have been equipped with the tools to increase your stroll into a stride-until next time! 



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