What's the Story with Silva Furniture?

Okay, you might not want to get pudding all over your brand new furniture but, Quality is a Journey, it is something that you have to try for yourself and "taste" and experience over a period of time. Quality is not a 2-day prime delivery and you might want see your nursery furniture and touch it before buying it.

Your baby will sleep ten to twelve hours in her crib and you will still need a storage dresser when she is ten years old. You might want to have furniture that will last thru the baby and toddler days, Pre-k and further on and you will be happy to discover a few things about Silva Furniture:

  • Our drawer hardware systems are made in Germany with galvanized steel and feature a hydraulic operation guaranteed for over 70 years. "Das Furniture" (translates Silva furniture from German)
  • These drawers are equipped with a German made soft-closing systems which prevent finger pinching or similar accidents. Each drawer is equipped with a set of high-density carbon polymer latch triggers as well as anti-tipping locks. Falling drawers are the most common incidents with baby furniture and our systems eliminate this risk. 
  • All our case goods come with wall anchoring kits and we strongly advise you to SECURE ALL YOUR CASE GOODS TO THE WALL.  
  • Drawer boxes can also be adjusted over time if the environmental conditions cause significant shift in the wooden assembles.
  • Half-blind English Dove-tailed drawers are built with non-toxic glues and concealed fastening systems. All drawer fronts mounted after the box completion to ensure component longevity and resistance.
  • All Silva finishes are non-toxic and do not contain those hard-to-spell chemicals, like Formaldehyde or Phenol or Phthalates. Safe and Healthy and Durable.


Our cribs are made of European hardwood and equipped with a solid metal mattress support with 3 adjustable heights. You can (and should) lower your mattress as your child grows and her mobility and motion increases. 
When your child reaches approx. 30" in height or around the age of 2 years old, you should consider converting your crib to toddler bed to allow easy In/Out access.
Around the age of 4 to 5 years old most children are ready to transition to a big-kid bed and yes, you should make a big deal out of it. The solid wood construction is the assurance that the crib will last through all the previous stages of conversion and will be a comfortable place for your child to sleep for another 10-15 years. 


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