Doona, Infant, Car Seat, Baby, Gear

The Doona is the only infant car seat with integrated wheels, enabling you to click your car seat out of your car, press a button to release the wheels, and stroll comfortably to your next destination. It is the Next-Generation Infant Car Seat that combines the highest standards in safety with revolutionary integrated wheels that has already won multiple industry awards. With a deep double walled side design, infant insert with side impact protection, and anti-rebound technology, The Doona accommodates even the tiniest infants, starting at 4 pounds, and holds children weighing up to 35 pounds, or up to 32” long meaning that your infant can remain in the safety of the Doona car seat for longer. Easily secured using your car’s seat belt, the Doona can also be installed with a Doona base for added convenience. Doona is certified for air travel, making traveling through the airport easier than ever: instead of checking your stroller and carrying your car seat onto the plane, you can simply roll it right on, fold the wheels away, and install it right in the airplane seat.