Romina 2 Piece Nursery Set Romina Karisma 2 Piece Nursery - Crib and Baby Station New York New Jersey Staten Island

Romina Karisma Nursery Set 2 Piece Nursery Set

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Romina Karisma Nursery Set

Romina Karisma Collection 2 Piece Nursery Set

Karisma - a masterpiece of simplicity.

The Karisma True design line is revealing a more traditional mood through the display of the superb texture of the beechwood. The new Espresso finishing only adds up to the European feeling. A masterpiece of simplicity.

This Sets Includes: Convertible Crib, 4 Drawer Baby Station

To Romina every piece of furniture you place in your home is a person that should instantly bond to your soul, to your intimate living space. It has to be not only durable bust just charming enough to accompany your family over the years. The genuine European design and manufacture, a deep understanding of family lifestyle and aspirations only add up to Romina tradition and expertise in wood craftsmanship in order to add value and quality to your home every time. The furniture is mastered from 100 % solid wood.

Every piece of furniture from our collections is crafted with attention to detail and include key secrets of the crafts in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction not only in design and finishing but in structure and assembly techniques. Go beyond the exterior lacquer and you will always discover the finest beech wood, great craftsmanship, reliable accessories and finally, solid, finest quality furniture. We put the child's safety first in everything we do. You will find a lot of features that will re-ensure the parents that they bought the right furniture brand. From over cure finish to ensure surface smoothness to non-toxic lacquers, from hidden crib hardware to two-step locking dropside rails, everything is designed to give peace of mind to even the most cautious families.

We want to design and produce furniture that fits not only the room. We want to address to the inner soul of the family, the place where we find love care and sharing. Our furniture should communicate these values and only then, it will be adopted by the family. People will live not around our furniture but with our furniture.

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