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Romina Pandora Collection 3 Piece Nursery Set

Romina Furniture collection - Posh Baby and Teen

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Romina Pandora Collection 3 Piece Nursery Set


Romina's newest collection is called Pandora and it is expected to land in stores January/February 2017. Built wilt European Oak and Beechwood and equipped with push-to-open systems Pandora combines the classic Art-Deco design with an Urban-Minimalist twist. Special materials and features were selected to make sure we stand out from some of the trends which have saturated the furniture market and once again raise the bar of quality and originality.

To Romina every piece of furniture you place in your home is a person that should instantly bond to your soul, to your intimate living space. It has to be not only durable bust just charming enough to accompany your family over the years. The genuine European design and manufacture, a deep understanding of family lifestyle and aspirations only add up to Romina tradition and expertise in wood craftsmanship in order to add value and quality to your home every time.


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