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Pali Como Collection Door Chest

Pali Como Collection collection - Posh Baby and Teen

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Pali Como Collection Door Chest

The toddler rail and the full-size bed rails are sold separately. We strongly recommend that the conversion rails be purchased at the same time as the crib. 
Please note that, when converting the crib into a full-size bed you need to use under the mattress either a box spring or a bunky board -

Lake Como graces the northern edge of the Italian border. This magnificent region is home to artists and celebrities and draws people from around the world to gaze at its blue waters and the green mountains that tower above it. This romantic gem of a lake is surrounded by legendary villas that have housed European nobility for years and today are playgrounds for the rich and famous. The grand architecture and spectacular grounds of these villas ring the shore of the lake with old-world charm and a romantic air of nature mixed with glamour and prestige.